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Are you searching for a school that offers driving lessons in Sutton Coldfield? If so then OJ Driving Academy is the one for you. It has the right features including the following ones:

1. Sutton-specific Training

It’s always important to get driving instructor in the region where you’ll be taking your driver’s test. It’s especially crucial in Sutton Coldfield.

The reason is that the area has some tough junctions to maneuver. One of the various examples is the A4040 crossing Kingsbury Road. Here’s why. The dual carriageway actually bottlenecks at the junction and turns into 2-way traffic.

This area is a good place to practice planning skills. You can practice merging safely without having an effect on other vehicles. It’s one thing to read about these tricky areas, but it’s even better when you can get some real-world practice on them. OJ Driving Academy offers Sutton Coldfield specific training.

2. Informative Website

OJ Driving Academy has a website that provides some critical information. That includes different lessons/courses available, instructors’ training, and contact information. These all add value to your experience and it can make OJ Driving Academy worth considering.

3. Free Resources

As a student of a driving school, it’s always a plus when you get some freebies to add value to your experience. Some possibilities include theory pack and theory test app. These types of resources can be critical to help you learn driving theory and test your knowledge.

Does this mean you should pick a driving school strictly based on freebies? It shouldn’t be the only criteria, but it is one to consider since it will improve your overall experience. Luckily, OJ Driving Academy has free resources that you can use as soon as you start your lessons.

4. Calm Instructors

Instructors’ personality plays an important role too. Some instructors perform histrionics when their students make a mistake. Yes, there are times when instructors must take drastic actions like taking over the steering wheel to maintain safe operation of the car. But their personality shouldn’t make you feel stressed or uncomfortable.

The instructors at OJ Driving Academy have a generally calm personality. This, in turn, will help to keep the students at ease.

Learning how to drive can be tough and especially if you’re taking your first driving lessons. In that situation, it’s especially important for the instructor to have a generally calm demeanor so the driver will also be at ease.

5. High Success Rates

On one hand, it’s important to remember that nothing in life is 100%. There’s a chance you could take driving lessons and still not pass your test.

OJ Driving Academy has a fairly high success rate. This will greatly boost the chance of passing the test. That’s likely due to the fact that the school has an effective system that has helped many students pass their tests successfully.

6. Student Testimonials

OJ Driving Academy has third party reviews that you can read through. They also have in-house testimonials. This will provide you any information about specific positive experiences the students have had. Just make sure to cross-reference those testimonials with third-party ones to determine how accurate the school’s testimonials are.

7. Theory Test Centre

OJ Driving Academy has a local theory test centre. It is required to pass both tests in order to secure a UK driver’s license and OJ Driving Academy has that feature for you.

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This provides various benefits. In particular, you’ll be getting local training about driving theory. This is a plus since you’ll be taking both tests in the Midlands region. In that case, both types of preparation should arguably be based locally.