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At the OJ Driving Academy, we offer a wide range of courses to carefully cater to the unique needs of our learners from all kinds of backgrounds.

Beginner Driving Lessons: This course has been designed for learners that are newly venturing into the world of driving, and have no prior experience. The course covers all the basic aspects of driving from scratch.

Advanced Driving Lessons: This course is for those drivers who are already familiar with, and have experience in driving, but are looking to take their driving skills to the next level to become professional drivers. This course would be ideal for taxi drivers.

Automatic Driving Lessons: For drivers that do not want to deal with the inconvenience of, or are unable to work a clutch or gears, this course is ideal, as driving is taught on an automatic car.

Intensive Driving Lessons: For learners that need a fast track learning programme, we help you pass the driving test in just weeks, with your cooperation in putting in the required time and effort.

Driving Lessons Academy: This course has been designed for those drivers that want to improve their driving skill on the motor way. This course tackles all aspects of driving at high speed.

Refresher Driving Lessons: This course is ideal for those drivers that have not driven for quite some time, and want to brush up on their driving skills before taking on the wheels again. This course is also useful for overseas drivers that are new to the streets of London.

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